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Hi-Fi, d e c o n s t r u c t e d.

It’s time to leave the floor to design and sound.

A unique timeless monolith free from display and buttons.

A hidden powerful 500W connected unit.

Just hit play, and be ready for the next level audiophile listening experience.

Whisper to concert

Whether you are listening to Mozart’s Moonlight Sonata or the latest deep base dance music, DeCon delivers a stunning acoustic performance.

The DeCon offer the same warm hi-fi sound and stereo in a single box that you expect from Geneva, providing pleasant whole day listening.

Thanks to its proprietary dynamic digital sound processing and its large subwoofer, music is rendered bold and widely detailed at very low volume, and can reach stunning volume levels without any hearable distortion.

DeCon is your morning coffee cup and your surprise party companion.

Hi-Fi, simplified

At Geneva, technology is effortless.

DeCon includes Airplay 2 and Google Chromecast Audio, and you access them the way you usually do. Multiroom too.

Just pick DeCon speaker from your speakers list and it will be immediately ready to play.

No need to switch DeCon on.

Thousands of Internet Radio Stations are one-tap away with our app. Bluetooth is available for instant play too.

Steel, Aluminium,Wood.

Obsessive craftmanship has always been our signature touch.

Metal and wood are seamlessly assembled to achieve a flush surface that blends beautifully materials and colors.

The front steel metal grill is inserted into a thick extruded aluminium frame that protects it and stabilize the structure at high volumes.

The wood air-tight main enclosure warms and spatially gentles sound.

No vibrations, no resonance effects.

No display.

By removing display and buttons we designed a classical furniture piece rather than a tech-show

destined to age speaker.

The radio controlled aluminium remote will light up volume, bass, treble and listening modes on the info LED bar, activating only when you hold it in your hands.

Thanks to Geneva All-in-One Music Player App, all non-everyday settings are accessible from your smartphone.

Less Just enough is more.

Beautiful finishes

DeCon can suit every room.

Walnut and warm aluminium blends into a wide variety of home styles, black wenge and brass stands out with its contrasted frame outline, while white and black can adapt to all environments just like fine-art photographs would do.

Last but not least

DeCon can be connected to your TV or set-top box thanks to its HDMI Arc connector or SPDIF.

After connecting, just use your TV remote the way you usually do: DeCon will switch on and off automatically.


Typ: Trådlös högtalare

Trådlöst: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplay 2, Chromecast, multiroom

Strömningstjänster: Nätradio

Anslutningar: HDMI med aARC, AUX, optisk och koaxial digitalingång

Bas: 2 x 13 cm

Diskant: 2 x 25 mm

Subwoofer: 25 cm

Effekt: 6-kanals klass D, motsv 500 W

Frekvensomfång: 20 Hz – 35 kHz

Mått/vikt: 45 x 40 x 78 cm/40 kg

Övrigt: Geneva Music-app, fjärrkontroll, stativ

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